Common Social-Media Mistakes Not To Make

No matter how small or large your business is, social media marketing is something you need to be doing. It’s too effective when it comes to growing your business to ignore it. More and more businesses are making it a larger component of their marketing strategy each year.

Here are some common mistakes you don’t want to make on social media.

You’re Not Interacting With Your Followers

Did you know the number one line of communication is for customer service is now social media. The majority of your customers are constantly plugged into social media, which is the main reason social media is a major customer support tool. Since your followers are plugged in 24/7, take advantage of this and use it as an opportunity to create raving fans of your business. Every business is going to have a unique audience and target market, so you need to think of content that your followers would be likely to interested in.

You’re Overly Promotional

Don’t post ad after ad, and expect your followers to stick around as they won’t. An offer every so often is fine, but if your followers feel that they are receiving to many ad posts, they will find other accounts to follow and leave you behind. They don’t need you. You need them.

Don’t Spread Yourself To Thin 

You need to accept that you can’t be active on all social media channels, unless you hire a dedicated social media team or outsource your social media to a social media freelancer or agency.

It is more beneficial if you are great on two or three social media channels , rather than average on several social media sites. Make sure you utilise the social media networks that your business thrives on, and focus on making your impact even bigger on those specific networks.

Having just a small handful of social media networks to manage, makes it makes answering messages and engaging with your followers much more manageable.

Replying to messages and engaging with customers quicker and more frequently will help you grow a stronger connection and help build relationships that can help create loyal customers.

If you are interesting in finding out how social media can benefit your business and help generate you revenue, feel free to get in contact with me.