Google Analytics is a fantastic tool for marketing and data-driven decisions. However, a tool like this is no use to anybody if it’s set up incorrectly. This is where I come in. I have configured many Google Analytics accounts since I have been in this game. I will take time to understand your online objectives, design solutions around your unique requirements and ensure that reporting is business focused and actionable.


If you are marketing online then you’ll want to know how your campaigns are performing. Metrics such as bounce and exit rates, customer click through analysis and conversion data will enable you to assess activities critically and compare the performance of different tactics.

Wouldn’t you like to know how much money you make from organic search? Or your marketing campaigns? Google analytics goals do a great job at telling you where customers came from.


Marketing campaigns are often launched with little thought about how to measure success. I will ensure all your campaigns are fully tracked from first point of contact with the user, through micro-conversions, to final point of conversion. I will apply a rigid campaign code generation process to all marketing activity to ensure that banner ads, Adwords, and email marketing campaigns all get correctly tracked.

I will provide you with detailed reports that will allow you to see how each campaign is performing, and at then end of the campaign, compare success and document insight.